Escort Fees for the mediated ladies by One & Only

The One & Only escort fees for our mediated ladies are divided into two categories: SILVER and GOLD.

All fee details are incl. VAT. When travel costs are incurred, these are to be paid in addition.

2 hours [Private Date] 450 Euro
3 hours [Private Date] 600 Euro
4 hours [Private Date] 700 Euro
6 hours [Private Date] 900 Euro
8 hours [Private Date] 1.100 Euro
12 hours [Private Date] 1.400 Euro
24 hours [Private Date] 1.900 Euro
1 extra day [Private Date] 900 Euro

2 hours [Private Date] 700 Euro
3 hours [Private Date] 900 Euro
4 hours [Private Date] 1.100 Euro
6 hours [Private Date] 1.350 Euro
8 hours [Private Date] 1.650 Euro
15 hours overnight [Private Date] 1.800 Euro
24 hours [Private Date] 2.400 Euro
1 extra day [Private Date] 1.200 Euro


You can pay the deposit or the advance via credit card to our firm account.

Optionally, you can also use the Western Union Payment Service (worldwide 245,000 acceptance points).

Your payment is held in trust by us and passed to the lady concerned. The appointment is binding upon receipt of deposit. The lady will then fix that date exclusively for you. Of course we will notify you as soon as we receive the payment.

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